EDOCman version 2.7.1 released

The EDOCman developer team are proud to announce the release of Edocman 2.7.1. This is a second release for the 2.7.x series of Edocman and addresses issues introduced in previous versions and introducing new great improvements on Back-end UI.

What's new in EDOCman 2.7.1

1. Documents Drag & Drop Ordering

2. New Dashboard layout

3. Content  plugin - Edocman link

What's improved in EDOCman 2.7.1

1. ACL based on category settings

2. Categories listing module

3. Display save button if there is create permission

4. Store modified time on saving document

5. ACL based on category settings

As you know, there are a lot modification in EDOCman 2.7.1 so we encourage you to download latest EDOCman version to get new improvement. And please update the languages (through Translation tool at Back-end of EDOCman) if you are using different language than English.