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3 months 5 days ago - 3 months 5 days ago #124217 by James Shields
Need Help With Layout ! was created by James Shields
So I thought I had this all figured out, but I don't. The limitations seem to stem from my understanding and implementation of Eshop

Problem 1. There is no way to add a module for "categories list" Just a menu item. I wanted to have the images of the vehicle make shown on the home page in a top module, however there is no way to incorporate that as believe it or not, you do not have a categories list module. Then I looked at category module, but that does not let you select which category.

So I decided to make the shop the front home page, the home menu is set for eshop categories list and shows the categories on the first page under a top row module. Now that is great, until you select one of the categories, because now it just stays on the same page and loads the module above it.and will always load the modules on the home page.

Go to home page, select land rover, then discovery.... I have to wait for the module to keep loading. How do I get away from this? What am I doing wrong?

Further I wanted to have the vehicles quick listed on the side also, but that won't work because when the main menu fades in at 500px, it wont let the drop down , drop down all the way. So I thought why not make all the vehicle makes a part of a parent category instead of individual top category? Well, then it shows the image coming soon. I was just hoping of using that top category as a place holder for the rest of the categories.

Such as
Vehicle Make
- Acura
- Audio
- Etc....

I can't believe there is no categories MODULE where you can select which categories you want to use.

I would need to add individual code for all the vehicle make images on the front page in a module, which would need to be linked to the Eshop "categories list" in a different menu item of the main menu as eshop categories list.

So as you see, I lost my mind on this. need some advice

Thank you

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