Events Booking version 3.8.4 released

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1 week 6 days ago - 1 week 5 days ago #121058 by Tuan Pham Ngoc
Events Booking version 3.8.4 released was created by Tuan Pham Ngoc
Dear customers

Continue the effort of making Events Booking better and more flexible, Today, I am happy to announce new version of Events Booking 3.8.4 with some small improvements:

1. Improve Ticket Types plugin:

- Use Joomla! core subform for easier adding/removing/re-ordering ticket types
- Support Publish Up/ Publish Down to allow you to offer certain ticket type during a specific duration only.

2. Improve Additional Dates plugin:

- Use Joomla! core subform for easier adding/removing/re-ordering additional date easier
- Using configured date format for date fields (it was hardcoded to Y-m-d format before)

3. Improve invoicing

- Add a config option to allow resetting invoice number every year
- Support [YEAR] tag for invoice prefix, it will be replaced with the year which invoice is generated

4. Improve Monthly Calendar

- Hide the date which has no events on mobile to allow finding events easier

5. Improve Registration History
- Added config options to allow hiding Number Of Registrants and Amount columns if required (for example, if you only have only free events with single registration, you would want to hide these columns)

6. Compatible with Joomla 4 Alpha 6

- We added a few fixes to make the extension compatible with Joomla 4 alpha6 which was released recently

7. Improve update extension process

- Make it faster and more flexible (especially when you use third party service like myjoomla.... to update the extension instead of updating via administrator area of your site)

We also raise system requirement for using Events Booking. From this version, Events Booking requires you to use Joomla 3.7 to work. Raise this requirement allows us to use newer Joomla API for building better software. We also plan to raise minimum PHP requirements to PHP 5.6 in the next few months (so that we can use updated third party library like PHPExcel, TCPDF to generate better Excel export and PDF invoice...). If you still uses PHP old version, better plan to update now (recommend to use PHP 7 as it makes your site much faster)

Thanks for continue using our product and support our development

Best Regards,

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