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5 days 16 hours ago #131216 by StreetSportService
It would be REALLY great if it would be possible in members discount, registration access and (event) access to choose (in settings) wether these features should grant discount based on "joomla user groups" OR "Membership PRO subscriptions".

This would be a more tight integration between these to great extensions.

Another reason for this is that this would be more intuitive for front-end user who create event, because they dont know (and cant see) the "joomla user groups" setup.

If Members discount was featured in event properties and with the applicable Membership Pro Subscribtion plans listed with link to plan, then people who wish to obtain membership discount could click through to the plan and sign up.

I have a scenario where club have a profile page, and with that memberships plans and events. I would be great to be able to have club events with discounts based on their subscription plans. But same goes for a sites subscribtions. I/You want to encourage to sign-up for the subscription to get the event discount.

I discussed this with Tuan via support, and if enough request this feature He will implement it.
So leave a quick comment if you would like this feature too :)

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