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9 months 1 week ago #117159 by david boggs
Time Zones was created by david boggs
Last year you mentioned extending the time zone features. Has this been accomplished? I am/was considering implementing as our replacement but this is a serious limitation. So just to ensure I understand how time zones are managed, your program only uses the server time zone, it does not look at the Joomla users profile to see if they have set their timezone and offset the event time so that it is displayed to the user in their time. For example, the event is 0900 EST and an user in the UK displays the event, will it display 0900 or 1400?

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9 months 1 week ago #117169 by Tuan Pham Ngoc
Replied by Tuan Pham Ngoc on topic Time Zones
Hi David

At the moment, the system still display the event date and time base on what's entered when you setup the event, it's not changed base on user timezone yet

Implement something like this should not be hard (choosing timezone for each event and then display it base on user timezone). However, the difficulty is that we somehow, has to find a way to implement it in a backward compatible way (so that existing customers who customized the code/layout are not affected)

I will try to look at it again but I could not promise exactly the time I will have it implemented in the extension


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