Style Issue with Events Booking Search module

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5 days 5 hours ago #125865 by Richard Chick
Style Issue with Events Booking Search module was created by Richard Chick
I am finding that the Events Booking search module renders correctly in the JSN Meetup template when the "default" parameter is selected in the Dashboard Configuration panel. However when the "horizontal" option is selected it renders in a completely different and incompatible style.

Also I am repeating my post information on the ADDITIONAL DATES tab which submitted erroneously before not realizing that I was straying from the Events Booking area of the Joomdonation forum.

I am finding a couple of issues with the ADDITIONAL DATES tab which, although they don't prevent using the feature, they do make for a more cluttered and confusing display.
1. ) Some information which has been omitted from the BASIC INFORMATION by settings in the Dashboard Configuration are still offered to the submitter in the ADDITIONAL DATES form. In my case I had deleted Registration and Registration Cutoff inputs but they still appear as entry text. Yes I can ignore these but having them follow the Dashboard Configuration preferences would make for a much cleaner and less confusing for for the naive user.
2. ) It would be much better for the add/delete/move selector buttons to be in a horizontal format. As it is these buttons force extra linefeeds which unnecessarily consume screen space and make it a bit harder for someone submitting many dates.
I'm attaching a couple of screen shots which illustrate the problem. I'm finding in general that the JSN Meetup template consumes a lot of screen real estate to the point where I'm wondering if it is the best choice for a data-intensive site.

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4 days 19 hours ago #125871 by Tuan Pham Ngoc
Replied by Tuan Pham Ngoc on topic Style Issue with Events Booking Search module
Hi Richard

Honestly, for something which depends on template like that, better you should report it to the developer of the template and ask them to look at it



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