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9 months 2 weeks ago #117153 by Jonathan Colls
Micro Subscriptions / Payments was created by Jonathan Colls
I would like to be able to offer our site users the ability to purchase access to restricted content on an article by article basis

For example.
Full Subscription £100 - Access all restricted content across the site. This is easy currently.
Individual Subscription £2 - Access 1 restricted content of their choosing

Whilst this can be done by setting up individual subscription plans, this would be unmanageable when the number of articles is large. We have about 3000 articles per category.

It would useful to have an option where a subscription could be dynamically created for a user, perhaps using the article ID of the page it is purchased from and the User ID. Or perhaps an subscription plan that allowed the users to select which page(s) they wanted access to.

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