Subscibers data behaves differently

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8 months 5 days ago #113289 by David Fletcher
Subscibers data behaves differently was created by David Fletcher
I am doing tests at data entry proir to mass import.from CB
I succesfully set up an initial subscriber and can see all the fields both core and custom.
I prepared a small test data upload csv file with 3 additional subscribers, in accordance with instructions and the many forum entries. This successfully loaded, and I know the data is in the system as I can export a subscribers list, and see what is there.
But the three addtional subscriber records only display the Joomla User data. None of the other Joomla coore or custom fields are showing.
All the three users have a code of 1 in the published field.
What is wrong please?

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8 months 4 days ago #113314 by Tuan Pham Ngoc
Replied by Tuan Pham Ngoc on topic Subscibers data behaves differently
Hi David

I am unsure. For this, I will have to check it directly on your site. So please submit a support ticket sending u:

1. Super admin account of your site

2. The file you are using to import

3. We will check your setup and guide you to correct it to have it imported properly



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