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1 week 4 days ago - 1 week 4 days ago #122031 by Seán
Multiple translation problems was created by Seán
The process of using Membership Pro with multiple languages is very confusing!

I have a site that uses Irish (ga-IE) and Australian English (en-AU) as the main languages. Users can choose a default language and switch languages at any time. This is the standard Joomla setup unless I’m mistaken.

In Membership Pro I have translated the interface, but on the subscription form several items are still in English when the language is set to Irish. It seems like only some of these can be translated through the Translation component, but some are linked to the individual field entries accessible in Field Manager (whose menu entry is confusingly called Custom Fields even though core fields are there too).

This is annoying, but would be OK except the only language that appears in the Translation tab in Field Manager is the default install language (en-GB) which is only used as a fall-back and can’t be deleted even though it’s not used in the interface and users can’t choose it as a language. Why don’t the actual content languages appear there?

The situation is the same for Email & Messages — only en-GB appears as a translation option. This doesn’t matter so much to me as I’d prefer to send bilingual e-mails (the site is about language learning). The messages, on the other hand, absolutely should be in the active Joomla language.

When I change the language to English (en-AU) the situation is much worse on the subscription form — most of the fields have no label at all! It seems that Membership Pro might be using its non-existent en-GB translation to name those fields. This suggests that the field names in Field Manager are assumed to be in Irish (ga-IE), so I should translate them there?

If I don’t create translated messages in en-GB and a user’s language is set to en-AU does that mean they will be the default messages or blank messages?

Also, maybe a minor point (someone else asked this 9 months ago), is there any way to translate the country names used in the subscription form?
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1 week 3 days ago #122047 by Tuan Pham Ngoc
Replied by Tuan Pham Ngoc on topic Multiple translation problems
Hello Sean

The translation section only allow translating some static language items. For the email messages, the messages displayed on subscription form..., it could not be translated via Translation section but in a different sections

Please read the instructions at , it should contain everything you need to translate. Once translated, it should work well

For countries, I'm sorry, we still do not support translation yet


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