Simplified layout - function clarification?

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5 months 1 week ago #120874 by Christopher Malley
Simplified layout - function clarification? was created by Christopher Malley

I already use EB and Membership Pro and am thinking about adding OS Service Booking to my site as well. Is it possible to have a page similar to the timeline page in EB that will just show the date and available slots that are open?

For example,

We have 5 Categories, CAT1, CAT2... CAT5

We have 4 people that can work the categories but each worker has a unique set of categories they can work. Worker 1 can work CAT1 and CAT3 while worker 2 can work CAT2 and CAT3.

We would have a link to CAT1 that would display all of the available slots for CAT1 based on the EB timeline template.

If the worker, who can do both CAT1 and CAT3 has a timeslot booked, it would also need to remove the available from the other category.

Is this something Booking can do?

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5 months 1 week ago #121000 by Mr. Dam
Replied by Mr. Dam on topic Simplified layout - function clarification?
Hi Christopher,
I am afraid that OS Services Booking isn't suitable with your case.

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