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Membership pro questions

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3 months 5 days ago #124219 by Sergey
Membership pro questions was created by Sergey
Hello, I'd like to purchase Membership pro extension, but have some questions regarding it's functionalty:

1. Is it possible to execute custom php code when the payment (it can be a new subscription or recurring payment) is received and pass user id and subscription (plan) id to it?

2. I it possible to allow for the users to buy the same recurring subscription as many time as they want? For example, I’d like to allow for the same user to buy one subscription twice, even the first subscription is not expired yet. As an example of such workflow: user purchased a recurring subscription which has 1-month period, the next day he purchased the same subscription. Each payment I need to open new lesson (it will do my custom script, but I need to run it each payment and pass plan id and user id to it). Will Membership pro work this way?

3. Is it possible to change card number for recurring payments for authorize?

4. Is it possible to stop recurring payments from user account page for authorize and PayPal?

5. Does it possible to make user enter name and email only when registering during the checkout? I’d like to remove all other information (the password should be auto generated). I think custom coding can be required here, but just interested in your advice if it will be too difficult to modify checkout and make it working in this way.

6. I need a checkbox at checkout page which will change the price for the product depending on it’s state. For example the checkbox is checked by default and the product price is $50. If user unchecks this checkbox the price becomes $100. Is it possible?

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3 months 4 days ago #124249 by Tuan Pham Ngoc
Replied by Tuan Pham Ngoc on topic Membership pro questions
Hello Sergey

1. Yes, see membershipprodoc.joomservices.com/miscel...lugins/script-plugin

2. Unfortunately, it's not possible. At the moment, Membership Pro only allows users to subscribe for a plan one time only. He cannot have two subscriptions of the same recurring subscription plans

3. We support that option for Stripe, but not Authorize.net yet

4. For Authorize.net, it's possible. For PayPal, it's not possible because PayPal does not have an API to allow us to cancel recurring subscription from within the site

5. You would need to perform code customization, just override the code to populate random password on submit.... Should not be hard

6. Yes, possible. It's called custom fee fields feature in the extension, see membershipprodoc.joomservices.com/basic-...ds/custom-fee-fields



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