Ask Question Notification Email + Forms in the EU countries - PROBLEMS!!!

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1 year 3 months ago - 1 year 3 months ago #109990 by Peter

I have in the the Ask Question Notification Email a problem to use the tag [PRODUCT_LINK]. It shows it is available but not working. How to solve this? The email messages sent from the customers are not containig the product link. This is a problem for me, i have more then 600 products in the eshop and now i have to search for the SKU every time there is a question about something. Annoying.

My second problem is that in the EU countries every form must contain a checkbox and an agreement (text) undernieth. Based on the EU Directive - the protection of personal data everybody must agree with sending their personal data from the web site. So without this nobody should use any form on any website (who wants to risk a fine up to 200K euro?!). The form needs to send the agreement checkbox value (example: Agreed to send personal data: Yes) into the mail as an evidence that the visitor has checked the box. Now i need to find a solution for this because this is not a part of my eshop version, there is no choice for this. Need to edit the askquestion.php email template file and add these lines....

Solution for PROBLEM1:
On my Joomla site i have enabled the module Eshop Advanced Search. I looked after the browser link generated when searching something, last string change. In my case ....index.php/eshop/search?keyword="your keyword". This link is changing when u use another language, so you have to look after. So i have copied this link from the browser and started to optimise. I have opened the email template file on the server on this location: components/com_eshop/emailtemplates/askquestion.php. Using a tool extplorer for joomla to do this. In the template file is a table (that is sent to you). Now you can add these lines in the table:

<tr><td width="30%" style="font-size: 14px; text-align: right; padding: 1px;" valign="top"><strong>Product url:</strong>/td><td width="70%"></td><a href="<?php echo $this->product->product_sku; ?>">Your show the product url text</a></tr>

This solution is simple. You recieve an email from your website with a link. Clicking on that your browser runs a search in your eshop :D Warning: Remember Eshop update will rewrite this!
Solution for PROBLEM2:
I have modified the site themes>default>views>product> askquestion.php file. New control group created (checkbox with value YES + error line when empty + agreement text). Created then 2 new language strings for the checkbox label and error message (inserted with eshop translation in the eshop settings). After adding the new control group, the javascript below needs to be updated (validation part). I had a little problem write the right code, so Giang thank U very much for your help! This was the "heaviest" part. Then remained only the easy editing of the emailtemplates>askquestion.php file. There is only a simple table....adding there a row with the same properties as the rows above. Changing the text only as desired and "echo data checkbox name". So finally i got in the email this: "Agreed to send personal data: YES". This is an evidence for the authorities they are checking this.
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1 year 2 months ago - 1 year 2 months ago #111338 by peter prism
Nicely explained the solution with example and if you want more example and solution then check it on Yandex customer support there you can get more and more ways of doing it.
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10 months 3 weeks ago #115585 by Steve

Is it possible to post the updated files here ? I need this too.


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