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5 months 1 week ago #120892 by LAC Webadmin
Filters vs Search was created by LAC Webadmin
Hi Tuan,

Just a thought about the Search Bar and other people might agree to it. To those who reads this, please share your views.

Technically speaking Filter and Search works differently, but in the end user's point of view it is the same, they are looking for specific data. If you look at the Search Bar, it mixed both functionality in a single interface which IMO kind of confusing.

Why? The search field is on the left and the search button is located at the end, in the middle is location and possible dates. What's confusing is how the Dates and Location works. It is a filter, meaning it takes the current list of events and remove those that are not in the chosen criteria. Search in the other hand, uses the whole unseen list of data and removes those that are not in the given criteria.

At first, I was expecting nothing will happen if I select Next Month until I click on Search but the current behavior of the form element is it will auto run the action without submitting. Do you get what I mean? I did not enter any Search keyword but when I click on Next Month, it will give me the events that happens next month. Since I don't have much data in my setup I don't know if the result only filters the current list or the whole database. That behavior to me is filtering the current data that I am seeing based on the selected criteria which is Next Month.

Could we have distinction to this functionalities? What if I want to search for a particular keyword but I want to search for it Next Month or at a particular Location? I don't have much data to test it but I doubt it gives me the right result. To those who have a lot of data, does it work properly?



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