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2 months 2 weeks ago #122989 by BiLe
Hello eShop Team,

I would like to post a suggestion for an advanced search module, since the search is one of the most important features for customers and business owners alike.
  • Basically, this filter allows to filter on attributes/variants, new products, sort by price, sort by title...
    Will show number of products filtered...
    Has search for filter popups...

Additional options, which would make this search powerful:

1. Inital order is based on best sales (boost / update timed).
2. Manipulate the initial order (boost factor).
3. "Weight Factor" for search results on "title" (x2), "intro text" (1x), "full text" (1x), "article number" (1x)...
4. Backend filter to save a custom result, based on filter criteria or/and a list of products to include/exclude...

- Strong feature.
- Custom result will show first and then the normal results.

5. Backend list for synonyms:

red, blue, green: when searched for red, this mapping will also show results for searching blue and green
red => blue, green: when searched for red, this mapping will show results for blue and green only

6. Show variants/attributes on product image hover in list layout (see example zalando)
7. Extended feature: 3D product image module, which will replace the standard product image on product site
8. feature a product list for search, so those included/excluded will always place top in search result (if search matches)
9. Simple stats for search for the beginning...more intelligent stats later on.

Might come up with some more features, but for now, this is what I thought of.
This will also help customer service to find products really fast, since admin can adjust the search result (Doofinder has a similar approach)

Example for search filter:

What do you think?

Have a great day

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