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What of these things are possible with OS-Property

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9 months 2 days ago #117372 by Christoph Kohlweg
What of these things are possible with OS-Property was created by Christoph Kohlweg
Hey there everyone, I got a question concerning OS-Property and your other extensions.

I already have OS-Property set up on my server, but I am not sure if OS-Property (with or without your other extensions) can meet my use case. I would be very thankful if one of you could take a look and tell me what you think.

I have added some appartments that I want to rent out to my customers. I want my customers to be able to do as much as possible online without my interference. I want them to
  1. Be able to browse all appartments/search appartments/etc. on the Website (met by OS-Property)
  2. Be able to see at what time an appartment is rented/free at the Website.
  3. If the appartment is free they should be able to press a "rent" button
  4. They shall then be send the appropriate documents they need to sign via email
  5. As soon as they mail the files back and the secratary says ist alright their account shall be billed. (first rent plus fees)
  6. At the beginning of every month that the appartment is booked the user shall be billed again

Now my Question is, do you think this is possible with your extensions only?

As far as I have seen the listing of the Appartmentscould be accomplished with OS-Property.
The recurring payments could be handled by Membership pro.
The Question that I have is, can Membership pro be integrated with OS-Property in such a way that recurring payments are triggered every month after Pressing the button?

Or is it Maybe smarter to switch over to OS-Booking completely? Looking Forward to your answer.

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9 months 2 days ago #117404 by Mr. Dam
Hi Christoph,
OS Property is Joomla real estate extension, it is used to show properties in different types.
With your requirement, i think OS Property can used to show properties for rent.
You can upload document for properties, thus, user can enter the renting information and send back to you. And you can contact with them to process payment manually.
Actually, even Membership Pro and OS Services Booking aren't suitable to solve payment part in your requirement. So the best way is you will take payment part manually.

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